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Isologger mud gas isotope logging instrument

Abstract: Although the application of stable carbon isotope geochemical analysis in oil and gas exploration and development sites has been gradually emphasized at home and abroad in recent years, domestic gas isotope logging tools cannot provide other alkane isotope data other than methane isotope data during logging. In this way,

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completion tools from chinese to english

完井工具 汉英词组 1. 砾石 gravel 2. 高速水充填 HRWP 3. 砂岩 sandstone 4. 防砂 sand control 5. 射孔 perforating 6. 垮塌 collapse 7. 粘度 viscosity 8. 孔隙度 porosity 9. 高温高压 HPHT 10. 滤饼 filter cake 11. 水平井 horizontal well 12. 岩心 core 13. 目数 mesh 14. 泡沫 foam 15. 支撑剂 proppant

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