GasLWD® -The Next Generation Technology In Mud Logging?

GasLWD®  the next generation technology in Mud logging?

GasLWD® –Gas logging while drilling

I was a mud logging geologist and R&D engineer. I have attended to some projects which related to well logging . Then I have known both of mud logging and well logging . And we can see the very clear line between well logging and mud logging .Then I have an idea that Can we use well logging methods to modify mud logging , and can we use mud logging methods to modify well logging . But this time we only discuss how to use well logging methods to modify mud logging systems.

1.Using production logging tools’s methods to changing mud logging detection sensors.

there are at least three kinds of fluid density logging tools in production logging tools field, for example.

– Fluid Density Inertia (FDI)

– Fluid Density Differential Gradiomanometer (FDD)

– Fluid Density Radioactive (FDR). all of them are production logging tools.

Now we only use fluid density Differential Gradiomanometer to measure the density of drilling mud . It will be very interesting if we can choose another two methods.

2.Move the wellsite labs to the downhole especially for gas logging.  will be the next generation of mud logging in next ten years.

1) LWD technologies are very popular in the recent years , but only fluid sampling while drilling is focus on oil ,gas, and water. But fluid sampling while drilling equipment is developed by drilling ,well logging and geologist engineers not include mud logging engineer, so it is vacuum space. In fact i have attended a project which is fouce on mud gas not the original gas from formation or the oil.

2) GasLWD will be very interesting in next ten years. It will be very amazing when we can know the gas component, from C1-C5 or C1-C8 and other harmful gases (CO2 and H2S), during drilling.

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