Special offer for stock oil pumping unit in USA

We have about more than 30units API type C oil well pumping unit (pump jack ) in stock in Midland, USA.

Technical specs :

ItemUnit SizeCrank Pin
Equalizer BearingSeals used in
Wrist Pin
Seals used in
Equalizer Bearing
Seals used in
Center Bearing
Crankshaft bearingsIntermediate BearingsHigh Speed Shaft bearings
1C912D-365-168TH22328C22340CNJ240130×160×12190×220×15 200×230×15 Bearing 22244CA Bearing NU2330EBearing NU2324E
2C640D-365-168TH22328C22340CNJ240130×160×12190×220×15 200×230×15 Bearing 22244CA Bearing NU2326 Bearing NU2322M
3C640D-365-144TH22328C22340CNJ240130×160×12190×220×15 200×230×15 Bearing 22244CA Bearing NU2326Bearing NU2322M
4C456D-305-144TH22328C22336CNJ2334130×160×12160×190×15170×200×15 Bearing 22244CA Bearing NU2326MBearing NU2322M
5C320D-305-120TH22322C22330CNJ2330E110×140×12160×190×15170×200×15 Bearing 22238CA Bearing NU2224EBearing NU2320E
6C320D-305-100TH22322C22330CNJ2330E110×140×12160×190×15170×200×15 Bearing 22238CA Bearing NU2224EBearing NU2320E
7C320D-256-120TH22322C22330CNJ2330E110×140×12140×170×15170×200×15 Bearing 22238CA Bearing NU2224EBearing NU2320E


if you want to know more information pls contact us .

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