API 16A coiled tubing bop

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:CNPS
Machine Type:Drilling Equipment
Processing Type:Forging
Use:Well Drilling
Drift Diameter(in):13 5/8″
Working Pressure(psi):5000,10000
Control Pressure(psi):1500
Temperature Level(℃):-29~121
Oil Mass(close)(L):96
Oil Mass(open)(L):71
Piston Stroke(mm):175


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 Our API 16A hydril annular BOP(blowout preventer) can be used in work over and drilling operations equipped with hydril control systems. The BOPs are designed and manufactured in full conformity to the API 16A standard. The annular BOP mainly consists of a body, a header, a rubber core, and a piston. The inner rubber core is interchangeable. While the annular BOP can be used independently, it normally works with a single or a double BOP.It can seal the drilling tool or well bore efficiently, preventing oil well blow outs. Its anti H2S performance conforms to the NACE MR 0175 standard.

Key Feature

1.single ram BOP seals annular space between tubing and casing or wellbore.

2.single ram BOP suspends and stabilizes string.

3.single ram BOP with side outlets could be used for choke and blowout.

4.single ram BOP can be used in operation under pressure.

Rated working pressure(psi)30005000
Nominal diameter(in)7 1/167 3/8
Strength pressure test(psi)60007500
Oil cylinder working pressure(psi)1200-15001200-1500
Piston stroke(mm)100100
Metal temperature class-29~121℃-29~121℃
Nonmetal temp. class-18~121℃-18~121℃
Oil cylinder closed chamber volume2 x 1.75L2 x 1.75L
Oil cylinder open chamber volume2 x 1.50L2 x 1.50L
Ram closed interval(s)<15<15
Ram specification2 3/8” 2 7/8” 3 1/2” 4 1/2” blind ram2 3/8” 2 7/8” 3 1/2” 4 1/2” blind ram
Bolt quantity and diameter12-M30 x 3 x 21012-M36 x 3 x 230
Ring gasketR45R46
Dimension(mm)1350 x 380 x 6381350 x 395 x 656

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