Mud Logging Sensor Named Pump Stroke Sensor

Working temperature: -25 ~ 70 ℃

Rated working voltage: 5~30VDC

Maximum output current: 200mA

Effective action distance: ≤ 30mm

Highest working frequency: 100Hz

Polarity and short circuit protection: Yes


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In addition to be used in mud logging, this proximity switch sensor is also suitable for various control such as machine limit, detection, counting, speed measurement, liquid level signal, automatic protection, etc. It is widely used in machinery, mining, metallurgy, plastics, textile, chemical industry, light industry. , tobacco, electricity, railways, military and other departments.


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Main Features

The CNPS-BC Pump Punch Speed Sensor is an inductive proximity switch sensor used in the oil field to measure pump or turntable speed. It has a wide range of power supply voltage, high repeatability, fast frequency response, long service life, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof.with polarity and short circuit protection


1.The pumping sensor can be fixed to the mud pump head by the bracket, or the appropriate part of the turntable, and the closest distance between the position of the sensing surface of the measured object and the end surface of the sensor is within 30 mm. (According to the influence of the use environment, the rated working distance is generally taken. 80%), plus the working voltage, when the end of the inductive sports sensor is close, the indicator light is on; when away from the sensor, the indicator is off.

2.The turntable speed sensor can be fixed to the appropriate part of the drive shaft of the turntable with the bracket. It should be convenient to install and repair. The model of the drill is selected. A piece of iron with a length and width of 30mm is welded on the shaft of the drive shaft or the airbag clutch. The position of the end face should be close to the end face of the sensor. Adjust the fixing nut of the sensor so that the distance between the iron sensor is within the effective range of the working distance.


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