What is Prestressed Vacuum Insulated Tubing?

API 5CT 114*76 Prestressed Vacuum Insulated Tubing VIT  for geothermal well
API 5CT 114*76 Prestressed Vacuum Insulated Tubing VIT  for geothermal well

Vacuum insulated tubing & casing uses water-based fiber cloth material with a three grade vacuum pump equipment,automatic welding machine and MT. These guarantees a high degree of vacuum level that meets the insulation grades D and E.

These vacuum insulated tubing & casing use an effective getter to ensure the tubing insulation grade do not decrease after a long time of outdoor storage.  vacuum insulated tubing & casing are reusable. They retain desired insulation properties after being used several times. we are dedicated to the development of new products. Our products constitute almost 40% market share in Shengli Oilfield VIT market at the moment.

The pre-stressed insulated tubing is mainly consist of inner tube, outer tube, heat insulation material, coupling, etc. In its structure, put pre-stress on the inner tube to make up the different thermal elongation of the inner and outer tube. At normal temperature, the inner tube is in tension condition. When the temperature increases gradually, the tensile stress decreases. When the temperature increases constantly, the tension condition of the inner tube turns to its bearing condition. The pre-elongation of the inner tube decreases the  compression stress after the heated elongation. As a result, the insulated tubing run and maintain in good condition.   

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